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Neuropsychiatric Service

Outpatient Neuropsychiatry Building has delivered internal organization administration of quality in both service and academic aspects with regarding to efficiency and effectiveness, providing sound, safe and comprehensive neuropsychiatric care on the evidence based as well as promoting neuropsychiatric health and other aspects.

Scope of Service Providing medical treatment for neuropsychiatric patients and other disorders from age 15 years and above. Available from Mondays - Fridays at 08.00 am - 12.00 pm.
- 12.00 pm - 16.00 pm for emergency patients (existing patients) and providing the psychiatric consultation to the psychiatric department.
- Special clinic is a memory clinic open on Mondays and Wednesdays at 01.00 pm - 04.00 pm. Services
- Provide medical treatment for neuropsychiatric patients and other disorders along with knowledge sharing on self-care based on the evidence.
-Action plan on "Handling emergency patients and in emergency situations."
- Stress relaxation for caregivers encountering problems in care.

- Conducting a research on “Stress Reduction for Caregiver of Dementia Patients.”
- CQI on Happy Toilet
- R to R on “How to admit patients in similar approach.”
- KM about Multiple sclerosis