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Day Hospital

Location: Day Hospital Building. Phone 02-442-2500 ext. 59309, 59311 Mission: Providing health promotion, treatment and rehabilitation for psychiatric patients in order to improve their quality of life and enable them to improve their self-care so they can become prosperous and not a burden to their own family and society.

1. Preparing the patients before returning them back to family and community.
2. Improving critical conditions of the patients and their relatives.
3. Coaching life skills and revive personality. To be a role model in psychiatric treatments according to the patient specific needs and problems.
4. Becoming a source for education and training for psychiatric residency, students and staff from various educational institutes.

Scope of Service
1. Treatments, rehabilitation and integrated health promotion services for psychiatric patients of all genders between 19-60 years of age by engaging their families as part of the treatment, as well as providing care to the families.
2. Providing service by patients with mental disorders being referred by psychiatrist from the outpatient department and other treatment facilities, as well as inpatient services for long-term treatment.
3. Service hours is exclusively day-time daily from 8:30 am to 15:30 pm. Mondays to Fridays except public and Thailand’s official holidays.

Criteria for Referral
1. Patients are volunteer and cooperative in treatment.
2. Patients are able to travel to the hospital for service by themselves or having support from their care takers.
3. Care takers of patients can cooperate with and engage in treatment.
4. Patients no longer have violent symptoms such as outbreak, aggression etc.
5. Patients no longer suffer from addiction problems or physical illnesses which would impede the treatment.
6. Patients do not suffer from mental retardation and/or disability impeding the treatment.

1. Treatment with medications
2. Group Psychotherapy
3. Group Activity Therapist
4. Personal Counseling.